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The STEVO Foundation is a registered charity in Ontario, Canada whose sole mission is to offer comfort and support to families and individuals that have been affected by cancer.

In order to provide the best support possible we focus on three key areas;
(1) We provide "Tender Moment Kits" to cancer patients with young children (Includes books, games and art supplies to help families with young children cope with cancer.)
(2) We bring new found Hope to families with our "Rekindling Hope" adopt a family Christmas program.
(3) We educate people about the Awareness & Prevention of Colon Cancer.

The STEVO Foundation is operated on a volunteer basis and does not have any administrative costs.
The STEVO Foundation was established in December 2007 in memory of Steven Lee Gillingham. Steven lost his battle to cancer earlier that same year in May at the age of 35. 

Steven was diagnosed with Stage IV Colorectal Cancer in March 2006 at the age of 34.  Chemotherapy treatments began a short 7 months later, at which time he was given the opportunity to be a part of a clinical trial study for a new drug they were testing.  Steven's strength and determination to beat his illness was inspiring despite the doctor's steady diagnosis.  Knowing that his participation might make it better for someone else someday made his decision to participate in the clinical trial an easy one.

For those who of you that didn't know Steven, he was truly a 'nice guy' and always had a big smile on his face.  Some people remember Steven as a very quiet person. He was so quiet at times that most people could barely hear him speak; but his actions spoke louder than words. Steven loved to help other people. The STEVO Foundation will carry on his legacy by helping others in time of need.

One of the greatest battles Steven faced was not the illness itself but the emotional and financial burden that the disease brought along with it.  Undergoing surgery followed by a long regimen of chemotherapy can often cripple an individual not to mention a family. 
The importance of family support and positive attitude goes unmentioned.  We learned through Steven's experience the importance of a positive outlook and hope, no matter what the odds.  Steven never let his condition stop him from doing what he needed to do. Hooked up to his pump he would furiously continue his duties around the house.  His treatment took place throughout the winter but that didn't stop him from shoveling the snow on his driveway!  His strength both physical and mental were heroic to say the least.

HOPE in a very dire situation can make all the difference in an individual's quality of life.  Steven proved this time and time again. Steven always made a point of helping other people and we will continue to do so in his honour.

Our support programs are developed to nourish Comfort and Hope in both the patient and their family. 

By focusing on the three areas mentioned above we will continue to do what Steven did so effortlessly; helping others.  It's the little things that he did unexpectedly that made him special. 

The "Tender Moment Kits" are being developed to help support families with young children.

The kits offer families coping with cancer a variety of children's books that can used to help explain illnesses to young children. Art supplies and activity kits are also included to help encourage young children to express themselves through art and creativity.  A variety of games are also included so children can play with loved ones while visiting them in the hospital.

The "Rekindling Hope" adopt a family program reaches out to individuals and  families at Christmas time; providing families battling cancer with the simple gift of HOPE.  Our Christmas gift packages include a variety of gifts and goodies for all members of the family.

Our third area of interest is Awareness and Prevention. Educating people about Colon Cancer and the importance of early screening and testing is a key to overcoming this disease.

Your comments and thoughts are greatly appreciated.  Comments received from medical professionals, patients and or families & individuals inspire us to keep working hard towards a better, brighter tomorrow. You can email your comments to

The STEVO Foundation relies solely on funding from donations from individuals/businesses and fund raising from special events.